Camera for best dynamic range in wedding.

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Re: Camera for best dynamic range in wedding.

DUMB4SS wrote:

In especially bright conditions, the only way you are going to retain the whitest highlights is to underexpose which causes other issues.

Regarding cameras, the Fuji S5 was always highly recommended, but I think you are better off just learning how to avoid blowing the highlights with your new camera, always shooting raw and also choosing the correct program to process the RAW files in.

Lightroom 4 would be my choice for my D3/D300's, but maybe Capture NX2 for yours.

I also wouldn't get to hung up about it as many of the truly great wedding guys couldn't give a damn about clipping a few highlights (not the whole dress).

It's more about the feel and emotion rather than technical correctness.

-Thank you DUMB4SS for your replay.

-The s3 have the same sensor and dynamic range as the s5, i have both in the past but i keep the s3 because the colour of s5 its too magenta, and have strong anti aliasing filter witch destroy the sharpness, the problem with s3 its the slow write speed, but i am not a machineganer after all.

-I don't think can one learn to avoid blown highlight if the camera can't catch, as you say underexpose causes other problem.

-The last you say is correct, i prefer the feel and emotion of a picture than a megapixel race, so i stay with Fuji.

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