What camera for best dynamic range.

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Re: What camera for best dynamic range.

papillon_65 wrote:

elefteriadis alexandros wrote:

-First hello to all, i watch the forum and dpreview for many years and a like yours opinion here, so i like to ask.

-I have for many years my fuji s3 to serve me and think to move on in a new camera with more pixels on it, but without to sacrifice dynamic range as i don't like those white holes in the sky..(make the pictures look fake and 'digital').I look here in dpreview test and dxo labs and the Nikon d7000 is the camera with 13,5 EV of dynamic range that can much the fuji as they claim, so i give a tray and test with one.

-Huhh, everything i tray from jpg to raw its not even close to fuji.. The different is about 2-3 stop lower in dynamic range.. i tray to open the NEF in diferent program but nothing, those holes of burning white is never recovery as fuji camera.

-Am i doing something wrong, what is my other options? Or i think to stay with small size picture from 6mpix of fuji, than big picture with blown highlight.

The D7000 or Pentax K-5 have the best APS-C sensors at the moment, if they are not good enough then you are looking at a Full frame camera, though some of those still won't be much better, if at all. Camera manufacturers are currently in the middle of a resolution race and dynamic range doesn't seem to be improving at the same rate. You'd probably be better of sticking with the Fuji and uprezzing if you need to print large sizes. Sometimes less is more.
It's a known fact that where there's tea there's hope.

-I think i stay with s3, i don't see something improved except pixels count.

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