what about a D700s?

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Re: what about a D700s?

IMO Sendai & Thailandia disaster have impacted Nikon big time.

D4 Top of the line at $6,000
D800 at $3,000-3,300
D7000 at $1,300 (but it'd be more like $1,000, there's too much gap with d5100)
D5100 at $650 the only at discount price

Something is broken but the time will fix it soon.

only 2 FF body in lineup make no sense, the D3x is dead, the FF is the cash cow, the top selling d3100/D5100 have thin margin if you throw the the kit lens included.

a light, low MP, mid-high fps, high ISO beast (like the D700 4 years ago) is a instant hit, so why throw it out of the window ?

The D800 isn't the answer, is a different option in a world that slowly is moving back to FF.

With the mirrorless having a great success, i can see the dead for the low priced DX DSLR like D3100/D5100 in few years, and the progressive expansion of the FF to lower prices, this one will be the only options for the big boys to continue to drive the sales up.

The people want lighter and small body before that cheaper, to offer only a D4 like body for low-light is a big mistakes and miss sales.

For the 2012 I don't see reasons for the Nikon to introduce another FF body, even more with the production capacity so restriced still.

In the spring 2013, a D700 like body with the sensor of D4 at $2,500-2,700 with fps set at 6, 8 with BP, makes perfect sense.

This one will help to driver the price lower for the sensor and to get higher margins on D4.

The Pros will buy the D4 regardless of cheaper price, for costruction, fps, connections, ecc

I don't see reason to produce a DX D400, at this time I see a D7100 with a bigger buffers, better AF and better built the top of line DX at $1,400 later this years, with improved D5200 at $900 early 2013 to fill the gap.

there's a reason that There's rumors that the 7dmII can't see the light at all, because a top DX body isn't that interesting with a FF body at $400-500 more, so something it's needed to fill the gap from D70000 and D800

At the end for me another FF body in early 2013 at $3000 or less and it'll be with a lower MP sensor that D800 ones, maybe the rumored 24MP FF Sony if Nikon want only introduce a cheaper FF.

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