XPro-1 maybe not for legacy glass, leica users

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XPro-1 maybe not for legacy glass, leica users

I am NOT leica user, but most of my photography is done on a Leica clone, a Canon P, or a Nikon FE, an automatic SLR from the 70's. Naturally, all the lenses I have are AiS or screw mount, none are automatic anything.

On my Nikon D200, I use them very similarly, but obviously, at different effective focal lengths.

What I rely on is: bright, large viewfinders with good focus systems. The Nikon D200 is about as indistinct as I can handle. The FE, with its split prism is great, and the Canon P, with its fuzzy rangefinder patch, is okay. Any fuzzier/smaller, and it wouldn't be that useful.

If any of them was smaller, they wouldn't be useful for me. I wear glasses for one, and focus manually. Small viewfinders are impossible for either.

Today, I went to Yodobashi as I was well. I intended to to last week, but I had been running a high fever. The XPro-1 is beautiful, solid, easy in the hand, and about the same size as my Canon P, or a bit bigger than my Nikon FE, and much much smaller than my D200, whose size I abhor.

Lovely. Controls are easy to access, though I wish the shutter speed dial had larger teeth. Love the automatic exposure lock, the view mode switches, the Manual/automatic switches. Wonderful design.

Except for one thing.

The viewfinder is tiny. It may be smaller than the X100, which is about as small or maybe a bit smaller than my D200, and obviously on the very cusp of usefulness for manual glass. The opening iris is tiny, probably a bit bigger than the Ricoh extension EVF. Not big enough at all.

If they implement peaking, that'll be great. If they make the block part of the viewfinder a magnifier, wonderful. But they will still have a TINY optical viewfinder, that is a big step back for anyone that uses non-autofocusing SLR's or rangefinder cameras. It is positively squinty in comparison to the Canon P and the Nikon FE. Embarrassing. Which is a problem as I really am looking to replace my behemoth D200 with a newer, lighter, better performing digital camera. I wanted to eventually do it with the XPro-1. I will not.

As for autofocus, it's not that slow. It sighs and groans as it goes in and out and the lens shakes a bit. Fine, it's autofocus. But the manual focus is embarrassing. At least, as a person who only uses manual focus lenses, it feels like someone else is controlling my hand, or I'm telling them to move the lens in and out.

You turn the lens to focus in or out and in about 0,5 seconds, it moves. It has such a delay that it's not useful for action. Prefocus and pray, that's it. No SLR or rangefinder will be outclassed. No markings on the lens (we all know this) make it impossible to zone focus with the camera anywhere but at the eye.

So, maybe with a viewfinder magnifier it will be useful for manual glass. I did NOT expect the viewfinder to be so small. I DID expect the manual focus to such as fly by wire doesn't even make sense as an idea. I think that a lot of people will hold the XPro-1 and realise that it works for them, but a lot of others, who have come from SLR/rangefinders and want to keep using their glass, will find they either need laser surgery, magnifiers, or F16, and sunny all the time.
Advice/criticism/appreciation appreciated!

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