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Re: yawn

RRJackson wrote:

And if you don't care much about image quality you can go with a solution like that. Dig a little into Lytro, though. Their "selective focus" may have less to do with hardware and more to do with software than they like people to believe.

Especially so as their default setting is just a hyperfocal distance. If the lens is forced to focus closer, there goes the possibility to select a focus plane from near to horizon

BTW, if in 10 years this sensor of yours has achieved the performance of a much larger sensor of today then the much larger sensors of 10 years from now will still have FAR better latitude.


Smaller will always be inferior.

Except for price and size/weight. But I want my DoF, so there I go, 35mm or bigger...

migus wrote:

If in 10 yrs. a 20Mpix 1/1.7" sensor would achieve the noise and DR of a sensor 15x its size (sensel pitch), then we'd be left mainly w/ an old question:

How to get shallow DOF and great bokeh from a tiny lens? Enter Lytro-like light field research - currently a solution looking for problems in the consumer space (and not quite finding them yet)...


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