Sony 30mm f/2.8 Macros

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Re: Did you try it as a portrait lens yet?

Ok, a few facts for you:

1) Since dust is really small, it's really easy for it to get inside the mirror chamber box. A swap of lenses, focusing or zooming allow dust to get in there. Dust floats all over the environment except for labs with controlled air flow.

Yes, when the lenses focus or zoom, they move their mechanisms back and forth, this pushes air in or out of the lens and this, allows dust to move around.

2) Dust can stick to the mirror chamber walls and stay there until a movement dislodges it off, so it floats around again. Since the sensor has an electric current, this attracts the sensor particles to it.

3) The shutter curtain protects the sensor all the time except when it opens for exposure, but again, the movement of the curtains and the electricity running through the sensor are enough to attract and stick dust to the sensor.

4) Cleaning it is easy: blow it off with an air rocket blaster, use a Sensor Klear pen or use a wet cleaning method. As long as you know what you are doing, you should be fine. I recommend investigating first, but a lot, then practice on something that's not the camera so you get familiar with it and then do it for real.

5) Dust is a fact of life with cameras that change lenses, you got to learn to live with it.

6) If you clean the sensor, you're not cleaning it per se, you're cleaning a filter that sits right above it. This doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful with it.

7) When you clean the sensor, be careful not to press too hard on it if you use a Sensor Klear pen or a wet swab. Most sites you'll find that discuss how to do it, talk like if all cameras had the stabilization in the lenses, but Sony has it in the sensor, so pressing too hard on it may break or move the SuperSteadyShot mechanism. Be gentle with it.

8) So far, the best mechanism I know to prevent dust landing on the sensor, is Sigma's idea of placing the filter that usually sits on the sensor, right behind the mount. You won't be able to access the mirror box chamber (and you shouldn't mess with it anyway) but all the dust would be stopped right before the mirror, thus allowing an easier way to clean it. Both sensor and mirror would be left intact.

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