SZ-30: Lighthouse

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Re: SZ-30: Lighthouse

jocaleb wrote:

Nice series, Nigel. You gave the SZ-30MR a good workout!! My fav is the starling on the pole! Quite sharp...did you sharpen or sooc?

It looks much the same as the original except that it has been cropped. That is about 1/4 of the frame at full optical zoom. I did sharpen it very slightly after the resize but only really put back what was lost in the resize - all done in Oly Viewer 2.

This one was taken at full optical plus digital zoom of 3.52 (whatever that means) and does look a bit fuzzy sooc but with quite a bit of sharpening still looks OK. The starling was singing a sparrow song!

It helps to have bright sunlight; it's been a while since I've been able to use full zoom and 1/800th of a second exposure. During the winter I've been resorting to HHS mode and the results can be good but bright light definitely gives sharper images.

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