First Report on V1

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Some comments on FT1

For those without longer lenses, the N1 system with FT1 is a cheap solution. Certainly, it is a thrill to zoom in with great clarity.

That said, there are no freebies. FT1 has its limitations. Shutter lag may be too long for AF Single. The sole AF point is annoying. AF will be challenging for anything moving.

My conclusion is that the FT1 is not a substitute for a good DSLR. Certainly, a D400/800 offers a better solution for serious photographers. The loss in magnification is compensated by the huge output file of DSLR. Cropping from a 24mp or 36mp file gives you more flexibility.

Once again, I must caution potential users. Play to the strengths of N1 and you will be rewarded. Try to push its limits and you will be disappointed.

That said, I used the 300mm 2.8 VR for the first time on V1. This picture is a heavy crop downsized 50%. Camera sharpening 2/9. Just added USM 50,1,0 around the eyes in CNX2.

This is a 100% crop. Just enough DOF at f/4.

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