Photographing for personal projects is a useless hobby

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Re: Photographing for personal projects is a useless hobby

Thanks to everyone... some of your longer responds were very useful for me indeed... yes, I did't have a proper business plan, even though I have some business knowledge, I am not a capitalist by my nature... yes, I wanted from my life too much... yes, I know most people work the jobs that they don't really like and spend most of their time and energy there... I could go to photograph weddings and it would take a while to build reputation and business, and I even have some unique marketing ideas... but the satisfaction from one branch of photography isn't equal to the other... and then I could equally enjoy working in a fitness industry...

And sorry to the guys who didn't like my writing style.. by the way, neither English nor German are my native languages, and I have started to learn English just 8 years ago..

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