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Re: Super CCD and Live View?

Photohobbyfun wrote:

xoio wrote:

Personally i think they should have continued to evolve their Super CCD technology.
The S100FS produces stunning results. It has the HR version (High Resolution).

The S5 Pro had the SR version, which gave SLR CMOS class low noise at higher ISOs.
4 years on, the sensors would probably have produced even more stunning results.

Were there any limitations to live view and super ccd? I thought I remember reading somewhere that CMOS has become more popular because it works better for live view. I believe the refresh rate for CMOS is much better and allows for better CDAF as well.

In general, how much of a huge difference between the EXR and the Super CCD sensors is there? They both are non-Bayer hexagonal arrays, aren't they? The EXRs have the color sites arranged differently so they can pixel-bin, but couldn't they just specify a backlit CMOS sensor in their old hexagonal array. I've wondered more than once what kind of sensors Fuji might have today had they never gone the EXR route and just migrated their S-CCD over to backlit CMOS.

No one ever mentions "interpolation" any more, but really, given the S-CCD and EXR atypical-arrangement arrays, aren't all such Fuji cameras having to do that? Wasn't that part of the reason for slower refresh rates on older S-CCD cameras, the bit of extra "crunch" needed to render images to a normal screen? I'm mostly asking, not saying that I know, I've always just assumed that was part of it.

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