NEF 14-bit: Lossless Compressed VS Compressed

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read it again, same image

Kaj E wrote:

Jack Hogan wrote:

Kaj E wrote:
Please show me a link to such an finding. I bet it's faulty testing.

David314 wrote:
Those who have looked hard at can show a difference

Really Laazyeee

Was aware of that one (it had been referenced earlier in the thread).

First as the "reviewer" admitted they are from two different shots taken at different times. He says that there was no discernible difference. He had to try to look at the two different shots in difference mode to find a minor difference.

count me as being skeptical of any real difference but the test procedure used a single shot that both compressed and uncompressed, if you read in the comments below the review you will see the procedure

"The Test

To see exactly what information is lost during compression, I set up a high-contrast scene in my living room. I took a single picture, from which I had the camera create both a compressed NEF and an uncompressed NEF. Thus, I had two files whose sensor data was pixel-for-pixel identical except for whatever differences were caused by the compression

now in the second part of the test, the shots are at different times and what you say is valid

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