Sony Photographers Unite!! Let's demand teathered shooting!!!

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Re: Sony Photographers Unite!! Let's demand teathered shooting!!!

EDIT: This thread is about tethering, and we're getting off topic. Let's stop here....
About that: Sony should bring back tethering at all levels, like Canon.

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough, but my point was that the EVF does have issues associated with it that make it less desirable for certain uses. Your premise, I believe, was that the EVF was usable in nearly all situations ('high level photography' is not well defined). However, I argue that merely being usable is not good enough. A lot of design approaches can pass for being usable, but to some people, the flaws of a particular approach can hinder what they're trying to do.

That's all fine and dandy but nothing you said contradicts my premise that an EVF is not a hindrance to high level photography. It seemed that you were just trying to contradict what I said for the sake of argument.

Looking back, the problem with my previous post seems to be that I merely put down the support for my premise without explicitly stating it, thinking that it'd be obvious enough for readers to infer the points I was trying to make. Apparently that wasn't the case, sorry about that. A more complete argument would go something like...

Premise: EVF can be a disadvantage in some situations
Point 1: No LV during high speed shooting
Example for point 1: Keeping the AF point on a moving subject in continuous mode
Point 2: Power consumption
Example for point 2: Multi-day shooting trip away from power sources
More points: DR, resolution, refresh rate, brightness, etc.

Similar situation where an approach can hinder the photographer: Lack of external controls
Conclusion: EVF can be hindrance to some types of photography

Of course, the EVF can be a big help in some other types of photography, but saying that it's never a hindrance is inaccurate IMO. I guess you could say the same for an OVF.

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