another Sony Store debacle

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Re: another Sony Store debacle

Nell27 wrote:

mswlogo wrote:

You are a fool if you think a "Web Site" can be guaranteed "secure" with your number.

I been called worse than a fool so no offense taken.

Sorry about that

Really it can happen to anyone. To be honest I'm amazed it has not happened on our work credit cards. We are a small company and 6 of us (some not so network savy) use 2 cards (shared) a ton online for years and never a problem.

Only thing you can do is watch the charges come in and shut it down when something goes wrong. The banks are very good about covering you.

We get a new card issued yearly. And we only have 1 card to prevent us from getting carried away.

As far as sony handling this, it's really bad, because it does happen, A LOT.

Another way that this problem happens, is you dealt with some company that MAY have had a breach and they cancel all credit cards just in case. This happened to us because my wife shopped at Marshalls or TJMax, or one of those. I think this happened twice.

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