D800 misses the mark for me

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Re: D800 misses the mark for me

Bmark wrote:

When I first read about the D4 I was excited and thought about purchasing the D4. But then I started thinking about the way I shoot and the fact that I am usually hiking for several miles with my 30 lb. camera backpack and my tripod and so I decided to hold out for the D800. What I expected was a D800 sized body with the D4 sensor, but that is obviously not what we got.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I do not need 36 megapixels. I've been shooting a D300 since they came out and 12 megapixels has always been enough. What I want is better noise control and low light capability not the very large file size of 36 megapixels.

I honestly think Nikon missed the mark here. Jumping to 36 megapixels makes the D800 look like a consumer camera for the masses, but I just don't see it. I would consider it a pro camera for those persons that do not want the size or weight of the D4 and do not need to frame rate. Most consumers are not going to buy a camera for that price, most of them cringe at cameras below $2K.

I hope Nikon is listening and will give us a smaller camera with the D4 sensor.

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I've seen many a post like this. No matter what cameras Nikon come out with, there are always those who say Nikon's offerings don't suit them. It's impossible for Nikon (or Canon or anyone else for that matter) to please everyone. Try to get by with the best camera you can find until your ideal camera shows up.

I predict Nikon will make a lot of money with the D800, and will not regret making it.

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