NEF 14-bit: Lossless Compressed VS Compressed

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angelhappy Regular Member • Posts: 478
Re: Highlight Recovery?

PhotoTechBlog wrote:

Is there a difference when shooting 14-bit compressed (lossless) vs 14-bit uncompressed? Does the compression time reduce fps? Pro of shooting compressed are obviously reduced image sizes, any cons?

Robin Casady wrote:

When this topic came up for discussion for the D700 sometime ago, some claimed that the data lost was useful when trying to recover highlights. I don't know the truth, but "lossless" makes me more comfortable.

On the D800, according to NIkon (Still images/Movies common features)

Compressed 14 bit averages 35.9 MB while Lossless compressed 14 bit averages 41.3 MB. That is about a 15% increase.

I'll stick with lossless.
Robin Casady

Some time ago I try to see the benefits. From what I saw and heard its just more data the computer has to process for little to none benefit.

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