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Re: 20 to go!

I do like your post, I actually wish now for it to hit the limit ASAP.

It started as a way of showing that you can shoot pictures without the latest kit. the photos were taken because I had organised studio time and the original photographer and model failed to show. So i just got a friend round and had a practise and set out to have fun taking the shots. (of which was a success).

I thought I would share, for the simple point that the few remarks that have been constructive (i think we know what remarks were not) have been useful. Even some of the non-constructive remarks have given me insight. Yet when I post anything online, I am careful and pre-empt the responses. I mean, posting a portrait without processing applied to the skin is a little like posting about how the latest iPhone beats the latest medium format. It is bound to get some strong views.

Yet will I shoot, process and publish images without smoothing the skin again, you can bet on it. Its natural and as long as the model likes the pictures then it is fair game.

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if you can imagine the picture, then do all you can to make it

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