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Re: Can't get the EVF without losing PDAF

TrapperJohn wrote:

That's the real issue - moving to an EVF means nothing in the light path other than the sensor - no focus screen, no mirror, no PDAF sensors.

Sony solved this with a beam splitting pellicle mirror to divert some of the image away from the main sensor and on to PDAF sensors, much as the E10 and E20 had, but that costs you some of the light you paid so much to get with fast HG or SHG lenses.

there is another way, a hybrid SLT

the operation is similar in component count, it requires a mirror, but it is only silvered where they AF sensor points are to reflect a signal to the AF sensor, the rest is clear glass. Covering a full 13mm high sensor would require a 'mirror' 13mm deep into the mount space, easily afforded with micro's register, but even at that some glass can be trimmed off as it only needs to cover the AF group.

The 'mirror' has to be retracted when the camera shoots, but need not articulate as an SLR does to close off light from the OVF, it could be retracted by a simple (but faster) actuator.

In this way full time live view for an EVF can be afforded, PDAF can be retained, no optical irregularities occur, and all of it fits into a space smaller than a standard mirrorbox b/se the 'mirror' retracts differently.

Nikon implemented a rough form of phase detection on sensor with the One series. Pity they made the sensor so small, but it can be done.

thats the method Fuji use, as far as Im aware its the Fuji patent

In any case, the market is moving towards fewer low end dslr's, they're being replaced by mirrorless cams. So I really wouldn't expect Olympus to revive a low end mirrored dslr, as they pretty much created the system that is replacing it.

the right position was always a blend of Ex and Exx

Best hope is that an EM5 follow on fixes the HG/SHG AF issue. Or stay tuned for detailed tests of a production EM5 - the videos I saw of HG glass on the EM5 showed good AF speed. Not lighting quick, but not slug slow like the early Pens.

only phasing auto-focus will cure these issues for us, no matter how that phasing is achieved

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