There must be something wrong with my X100...

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There must be something wrong with my X100...

because it just seems I took delivery today and had a play before sticking the battery on charge and I have to say I'm not sure what all the fuss is about? Focusing working ok, macro focusing working ok, flash works fine, menu system seems to be ok (quirky but then many cameras are). Having read multiple reviews and posts I was getting buyers remorse but I'm not sure what all the fuss is about? It seems like a pretty well designed and functional camera, I have been pleasantly surprised to be honest. Even the start up time was better than I expected, and that's with an average speed SD card, no problem for me personally. By the time I've raised it to my eye it's ready to go. It has come with firmware 1.11 so it must be a fairly recently made camera. I'll be upgrading it later but there isn't anything I can see that worries me. Yes manual focusing is not great but hopefully the firmware upgrade will improve upon that.

It can struggle to focus on certain things but that's not unusual for a mirrorless camera IMHO and I've owned a few different models. I can usually work around it using focus and recompose or switching to the LCD and minimised focus box from what I've seen.

I wonder if a lot of the bad press about usability comes from people not used to CADF focusing or mirrorless cameras? Obviously the firmware updates have improved things but I've got to say it's nowhere near as bad as I'd been led to believe. It's certainly got far more going for it than against it that's for sure. I love the flash implementation, already I can see that it's better than anything I've ever used before, it just works right off the bat, excellent.

Some of the comments I have read and heard have been absolutely ridiculous, comments such as you don't capture what you see (when using the OVF- ever noticed the big white box in the frame?), the menu system is awful (it's not that bad - really), the lens is soft at F2 (Apart from close focusing not really), the buttons need to be pressed really hard (really? time to get down the gym methinks) etc etc.

Maybe I'm easily pleased but this really isn't a hard camera to operate, no photography blackbelt required (contrary to some reports). Within 10 minutes of playing with it I've already got a good handle on everything. What is so complex and difficult about this camera? am I missing something? I suggest some people go and play with the Oly EPL-1 and tell me how they got on. It's a great camera at low ISO's but when you've done the EPL-1 button dance a few times then come back and tell me about frustration. Even better, put a kit lens on it and shoot in low light for the full experience.

Nope, the X100 isn't a frankencamera by any means, at least the one delivered to me today isn't, maybe it's a special idiot-proof one :). Lovely camera, no PHD required to operate, can't wait to get shooting with it :).
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