Difference DMW-MA1 vs MMF-2 ?

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Re: Mounting a Bigma on m43 cameras

FlashInThePan wrote:

AFAIK the adapter does not have any firmware. It may have electronics (it does have 9 connectors on one side and 11 on the other side) but does not require software (firmware) to work.

Apparently, the 2 extra pins are used for faster AF, however that works out... The 9 pins should be compatible, so there should be little electronics, only cables.

The MMF-3 is functionally the same, but has O-rings to provide weather sealing. Whether Olympus will release and MMF-4 to alllow for beter AF with PDAF lenses is a good question... your guess is as good as mine.

They keep talking about it. Obviously there are technical problems, otherwise we would have one already and a fully pro spec model m43 with this adapter, able to use all the expensive 43 lenses natively.

As for using a Bigma, never mind the adapter - I doubt the actual camera can support that weight. If I were you I would hold the lens (same applies to mounting on a tripod or strap) and let the camera hang on to it instead of the other way around.

But does these huge lenses not have mounts on their own? On the 400mm f2.8 Canon lens, you don't mount the camera and hold the lens... That would break any camera, you hold the lens and let the camera sit on the lens and only hold it's own weight.

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