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Dear Mr. Bolch,

Very interesting what you wrote. See a few of my comments.

While Nikon and Canon will continue to make them, as long as there are customers, the day of the full-frame camera peaked about five years ago. At that point, for superb low light/high-ISO performance, there was no choice. DPReview posted the pixel density per cm² for every camera and it was almost an article of faith that one could judge the potential low light quality by that figure.

The pixel density of a X-Pro1 is EXACTLY the same as from a D800...but not a lot of people are realizing this.

A while back, it vanished from this web-site as it gradually grew more and more meaningless. Viewing some of the most recent X-Pro1 images posted, I viewed one shot at ISO25,600 and it looked at least as good as one out of my full frame D700 when viewed full size on my 2560×1600 30" monitor. Clearly it is no longer 2007.

The cost of my high-ISO pictures is bag of extra-heavy glass. Great versatility comes with great weight and the trend since the D3/D700 sensor set the bar high, has been smaller camera with every growing performance. The body of the D700 weighs 995g, though often my bag weighs three or four times as much. While this is fine working from a vehicle or a single location, walking a city on ever more creaky knees becomes less and less fun. Now compare that to the the XP1, with three lenses for a TOTAL weight of 967g!

True. But back to the original question: how reliable is the investment in Fuji glass. I know, it's still a lot cheaper than FF-glass. But is the FX-mount a standard Fujifilm will support throughout a range of camera's or just a quick solution now to provide the X-Pro1 with interchangeable lenses? What concerns me the most: given the fact they are 'focussing by wire' I assume they contain more electronics than f.i. Nikon or Canon would use. Not to mention Leica - again - Zeiss, ofcourse. Electronics has a life. Not only regarding MTBF of this, but also in the continuous support within future camera ranges themselves.

As I am fine with Nikon continuing to make FX cameras, I am fine with Fuji making a full-frame camera as well. I would be very unlikely to buy it. The X100 has been the ideal carry everywhere camera, and I probably shoot it at ISO3200 for the majority of my shots. The XP1 gives a slightly larger camera for a more comfortable grip, but still keeps the weight down while certainly delivering world-class image quality with Fujinon lenses and the seemingly incredible new sensor. At less than a kilo with the classic photojournalist's trio of primes, I see it as my ideal urban, walkin'-'round, shootin'-stuff system. The more bulk and weight that is added, the less interested I am.

After all, this is a very interesting discussion. Weight vs IQ, cost & flexibility in use. I fully agree, and precisely this was the starting point where I began looking at the X100. For the X-Pro1, it is somewhat a different ball-game as I (and many potential buyers) would like to fade out the use of my DSLR's completely. We're somewhere back in the Leica-era?

When I bought the D700, the weight was the price I had to pay for high-ISO performance. At ISO200 it has no advantage over those I took at ISO200 with either the D300 or X100. There is no magic in an FX sensor, and ever less advantage as each new generation comes along. The thing constant, is heavy, expensive lenses in order to get the same angular coverage as an APS-C sensor.

And still a lot of people on this forum (also elsewhere) are not taking this mirrorless-hype very serious. For them, there's only one standpoint possible: if you want to be a serious photographer - even as an amateur - the 5D or D800 now are just the entry-ticket. For some this might be the M8 or M9. To me this sounds more as kind of prestige, a kind of external sign: 'look guys, here I come with my bag full of glass and I'm going to take those shots that nobody else can take'. Pushing all the other people out of the way, standing on the same place with a small Sony point and shooter.

The mirrorless-approach is less offensive, more 'fly against the wall', a more gentle way of stealing a picture anywhere you want, even in very crowded area's or where people just don't like it to see you take pictures anyhow. To me, and I realize this could generate a lot of offensive reactions, it allows a much more artistic, creative approach versus the bulky DSLR's. Exactly the same type of photography f.i. a Contax G2 fits in.

Regardless of this, it has also become a serious risk for your own security to walk around on some places with very expensive equipment... The world is not what it was 20 years ago...

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