Damn, the EM-D is a nightmare !...

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Re: Damn, the EM-D is a nightmare !...

I disagree with this completely, i think you are comparing apples to oranges. surely if you wanted the best MFT had to offer you would be waiting eagerly for the GH3. The GX1 is aimed at a completely different market - those upgrading for a compact and its price and positioning reflect that. After all there is nothing groundbreaking, the sensor is from the G3, it has no built in EVF and is small. The EM-D is larger has an EVF, even a battery grip and is the flagship olympus MFT camera, it is also very expensive i wonder how this will translate into critical image quality.. the samples sure look good but they usually do. I like that Olympus has released this camera to keep MFT up there as a serious format choice but i don't regret having a GX-1, the EM-D has too many compromises (size, price) for me to consider it as a replacement or even an equivalent

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