From Biofos: 4/3 Lenses on an E-P3 (and OM-D, for that matter)

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Re: The problem...

amalric wrote:

I am not sure how the Sony marvel works, but my take with Olympus is that they need to put a second camera in front of a m4/3 for the older lenses to work, that is a mirrored adapter.

Let me explain: 4/3 lenses need telemetric data, rangefinder like, to know what direction the must go to reach focus.

m4/3 lenses work on fast contrast adjustment, so they need to move the lightest groups a motor can drive.

No amount of increasing the processing power in camera will solve the 4/3 problem.

In fact even m4/3 went through a surprising evolution. With a 6 months old kit lens I now can AF blazing fast with a 2yrs. camera. So it's only a matter of different motors and internal lenses travelling faster.

The body has nothing to do with it, and yet almost nobody, except the Phoblographer, realised this.

PDAF on sensor? My guess is that Oly has not enough leverage to make a foundry do that in the 4/3 format, so we are back to square one: a big chunky mirrored adapter.

I agree that processing power alone probably won't solve the problem. However, the focus of my 150 seems to be much faster with the E-P3 of a friend than my E-P1. So processing certainly can yield some improvements - if they work at their algorithms perhaps even a bit more is possible.

With respect to a custom sensor - the foundry certainly isn't a problem, only the company which is responsible for the sensor desgin. With the current success of µ4/3rds should enable Olympus the necessary influence onto the design.


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