I demand an updated F200!

Started Feb 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: I demand an updated F200!

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

My thoughts are less zoom more sensor I think it's a winner myself

Agreed ! I proposed an F201EXR about a month ago.


I'd like to keep the F201EXR size similar to the F200EXR. Put in an updated CCD 8cm x 6cm (or even 8.8cm x 6.6cm CCD) sensor. Optimize the EXR processing in keeping with the F200EXR (and Fujifilm DSLR tradition) of using dynamic range to preserve highlights rather than boost the camera's iso range like the later F500/600/700 cameras.
Let the F200EXR save either Jpeg or Jpeg+RAW.

I'd replace the F200EXRs 28-140mm (equiv) f3.3 - f5.1 lens with a shorter but faster lens, e.g. something like a 3x 24mm-72mm f2.5-f4.4 lens (I happened to borrow this lens spec from the Ricoh GX200). Keeping the tele-range relatively short should help keep the lens compact and fast at the same time (think of the lens on the LX3 and LX5 cameras.)

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