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Re: bordering on R-rated but well done ...

FeedMe wrote:

John Carson wrote:

FeedMe wrote:

  • in Australia, a company with 3+ employees HAS to have 1/3 female employees, redardless of if they can find them (a man can be employed, but his place become the woman's when she is found).

Total BS. I don't know where you are getting this, but this is pure fantasy. There is no such law in Australia or anything like it.

It's not bullshiit - its another one of those over the top equality laws; a company that employs more then 3 people has to employ 1/3 female. If they cannot find a female to take the position Centrelink will attempt to find a suitable candidate. If Centrelink can't find one then the company is allowed to fill the positions with males.

If Centrelink then finds a female for that position then those males are replaced (there may be a time limit on that proviso)

This was current as of February 2011 - my boss over there then was directly affected by this waanky fake-quality law, so don't tell me it's bulshiit!

Possible explanations:

1. Your boss is a liar,
2. Your boss is an imbecile,
3. There was a communication failure between you.
4. You have problems of your own.

I am Australian and follow politics very closely. Centrelink barely has any involvement at all in arranging employment. It it the agency that dispenses welfare benefits (including unemployment benefits, but almost every other benefit as well). You are talking out of your @rse.

Here is the website of the organization that is concerned with equal opportunity at the Federal level:


Search it to your heart's content. Or read the relevant legislation in its entirety.


You won't find support for your nonsense anywhere.

I do agree that what we have is better - but it's not really "freedom".. it's more that the boundaries are further out and if you don't push the boundaries you don't notice they're there.

This rather contradicts most of what you have said. Call it freedom or call it something else. Either way, there is a world of difference between a country where you can generally say what you like and the government leaves you alone

Have fun in an airport yelling to your mate "You da bomb, man!"

I said "generally say what you like". There are exceptions of course.

You are free to accuse the President of being a Marxist, anti-American, a tyrant, incompetent and much else. You can work for his removal from office. Countless people already have and came to no harm. Do the equivalent in some other countries and you may find yourself buried in a mass grave.

I would agree that the US has gone over the top in its reaction to the terrorist threat, but that doesn't change the fact that its citizens enjoy vastly more freedom than those in many other countries.

Yes, there are limits to freedom, but the extent of those limits varies enormously and this matters enormously.

Yes - but in those 'other' countries, they make no pretence of having 'freedoms', our western countries carry this pretence to extremes.

This is rubbish on so many levels. First, other countries do make a pretence of having freedoms. The constitution of the Soviet Union guaranteed freedom of speech and freedom of religion. North Korea's constitution does the same today.

Second, it is not a "pretence" in Western countries. Citizens in Western countries really are much more free than those in many other countries.

Which is worse - a country that has no pretensions of freedom or one that shouts it at you every day in its Anthem ("land of the free, home of the brave", yet has little real freedoms.

A comparison between two non-existent entities and therefore completely bogus.

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