Ex1 Mode Dial Problem

Started Feb 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
thielges Contributing Member • Posts: 507
cleaning the mode dial.

"top circuit board replaced"

That sounds like a plausible repair. Directly beneath the mode dial of most electronic cameras is a piece of circuit board with exposed concentric rings of metal traces, each ring broken into several segments. The mode dial itself contains a "brush" contact with 3 or 4 spring metal fingers that contact those concentric rings on the circuit board and short the rings together. Electronics within the camera detect the unique shorts for each mode dial position to infer where you have positioned it.

So if the brush fingertips and/or the concentric contacts get dirty then they don't conduct as well, causing the electronics to misread the dial's position. A cheaper fix would be to simply clean the assembly though if you're a manufacturer's repair facility then you've got access to cheap spare parts.

Cleaning the contacts requires removing the dial which I don't know how to do. However a lazy way to improve the situation is to simply twist the mode dial through several revolutions in both directions. That could cause the brushes to wipe off whatever has contaminated the contacts.

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