D800 misses the mark for me

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buy d700 or d800 and shoot 15mp?

Bmark wrote:

When I first read about the D4 I was excited and thought about purchasing the D4. But then I started thinking about the way I shoot and the fact that I am usually hiking for several miles with my 30 lb. camera backpack and my tripod and so I decided to hold out for the D800. What I expected was a D800 sized body with the D4 sensor, but that is obviously not what we got.

I would say for most (even professional photographers shooting as a means of eating) a D4 sensor in a D700 body would eliminate the need (or at least the inclination) to purchase a D4. I reiterate... for most . However, a D4 sensor in a smaller/lighter body would essentially eliminate any gaps in Nikon's pro/avid photographer lineup.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I do not need 36 megapixels. I've been shooting a D300 since they came out and 12 megapixels has always been enough. What I want is better noise control and low light capability not the very large file size of 36 megapixels.

Then why not purchase a new or used D700? Or purchase a D800 and shoot at around 15mp? Then you'll have room-to-grow if you go a different direction in your photography.

I honestly think Nikon missed the mark here. Jumping to 36 megapixels makes the D800 look like a consumer camera for the masses, but I just don't see it.

$3000+ for a camera has absolutely nothing to do with most "consumers". In fact, most consumers have no clue that such a small camera would cost that much in the first place.

I would consider it a pro camera for those persons that do not want the size or weight of the D4 and do not need to frame rate. Most consumers are not going to buy a camera for that price, most of them cringe at cameras below $2K.

The D700/800 are (mostly) pro featured cameras no matter who is using them.

I hope Nikon is listening and will give us a smaller camera with the D4 sensor.

I think Nikon has been listening. I also think that Nikon is watching out for their bottom line which is the point of being in business.

Best of luck in you future purchases, I truly hope you get something you really like!

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