i1Photo Pro UV Cut?

Started Jan 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
technoid Senior Member • Posts: 2,031
Re: i1Photo Pro UV Cut?

The biggest difference with cut v noncut uv is paper profiling. Selecting Absolute colorimetry, which I do for repro work, will create a very reddish tint on papers with an OB if you use an I1 without uv cut. There is a much smaller effect in relative and perceptual modes since they track the white point and the white point shifts under uv with OB paper.

The "automatic" OB selection in PM5 doesn't affect Relative or Absolute, only Perceptual.

The real problem with uv and OPB papers is that the amount of environmental uv varies enormously so there is no way to accurately print with OB paper, especially in Absolute (used for repro work). You can get good results using uv filtered display glass but OBs don't age well and it's a bad choice for paper because of that.

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