D800 vs. D700, file size and other shortcomings.

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Re: No.

Ayrshirephotographer wrote:

I'm gonna punch a wall. The D800 does not have lower ISO 'performance' than the 700. It's just under a stop BETTER! (whatever crappy wording you used the fact remains the D800 is better at High ISO then the 700 end of). A few knowledgable folk on here have already posted about this it seems you missed it. And the performance is better right up to and over 6400. Wait until realise I will make you eat your words and this post. The D700 is a great camera but sensor tech moves on. It seems some can't cope with this fact.

Well, not a very respectful reply, once again. And yes, it seems I missed the thread you're talking about. A more respectful way of replying to my thread would've been to kindly point me to this thread.

Still, you weren't mean as some other posters were.

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