12-50 or 12-60 on OM-D?

Started Feb 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
sigala1 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,818
You should wait for more reviews

Logos007 wrote:

Have no experience with the m43 system, but the promises of the new OM-D are tempting.

If i substitute the 12-50 kit lens with the (better tested) 43-lens 12-60 and the adaptor, are there any further problems or disadvantages aside of the higher cost, weight and size? Will the IQ be significantly better? Or are there drawbacks when using a 43-lens on m43?

The 12-60 is only 1 stop faster, but a LOT more expensive and also a lot bigger and heavier than the 12-50.

If you don't need the 1 f/stop (for example, you don't need large apertures for landscape photography), then wait for reviews to see if the 12-50 is any good.

Furthemore, the 12-60 will focus slow like a P&S camera and not a high-end pro camera.

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