D800 will be a Xanthippe.

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Fishing rod

Haha, you remind me of the salesman at Wall Mart (Bruce) that was going to be fired for making to much commission - making more money than the CEO. After spending some time observing him, the new store manager completely changed his mind, and went on to congratulate Bruce: "you are amazing Bruce! The customer came in to buy a fishing rod, and you sell him a boat, and then you persuade him to buy an outboard engine, and then you ask him if he has a trailer, and finally you persuade him that his RWD car won't pull enough and you sell him a 4x4!!!!!" I have never seen such selling skill!" Thank you sir, said Bruce, but actually the customer didn't come to buy a fishing rod. He came asking where was the section where tampax were sold (for his wife), and I asked him: " since your weekend is ruined, why don't you buy a fishing Rod?!"...

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