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Fair review but unfair ranking of P7100

I agree that the review text was fair -- and mostly positive about the P7100 and its improvements over the P7000. But some of the bar-graph ratings and the final number score was not consistent with the explanatory review when the 69 (no award) given the P7100 is compared with the 73 (Gold Award) for the Canon G12. The reviewer wrote:

"Ultimately neither camera is unequivocally 'better' than the other overall, and, crucially their image quality is extremely similar (and very good)." Frankly, I think the bar graph is out of whack, showing, for example, with an overlay (no award) from the P7000 ratings, that the P7000's Movie/Video mode is more than twice as good as the P7100's, when in fact they are the same according to the reviewer's text (Nikon claims the P7100 is better in this regard). Similarly, with the Features bar, the P7000 is supposed to be better, according to the overlay, despite the addition of features on the P7100 and the retention of all others. That leads to the bar graph comparisons with the G12, which also seem wrong when compared to the reviewer's text. What is the basis for the judged superiority of the G12 in Exposure and Focus Accuracy when the notorious focusing problem of the P7000 has been fixed in the P7100? Or why is the G12 shown superior in Performance when the P7100 has been dramatically improved in operational speed? And what is the basis for a bar graph that shows the P7100 and G12 equal in Movie/Video mode, even though, while both cameras have 720p video, the P7100 has AF and zoom capabilities during video capture and the G12 does not? Finally, the review and ratings make little out of the difference in the focal lengths of the two cameras: the G12's longest 140mm v. the P7100's 200mm.

I've had problems with my P7000 even after its firmware update. I plan to sell it and buy the P7100 because I believe it to be a much improved camera. See also the Imaging Resource review on the P7100.

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