Strange phenomenon ISO 100 setting with E5

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Chris Mak Senior Member • Posts: 1,808
Strange phenomenon ISO 100 setting with E5

Has anyone stumbled across the fact that in Raw, when shooting at iso 100 with the E5, the clipped highlight data in irrecoverable, and not showing in the clipped data indication of the raw converter.

Especially Capture One handles 100 iso raw files from the E5 very strangely: in all photos with clipped highlights, the histogram suddenly stops at about 240/245, no data beyond that at all, hence not at all recoverable.

Olympus viewer does extend the histogram to 255, but also clips suddenly beyond that, with no possibility of recovering any highlights.
Raw developer (Mac os only) the same.

Remarkably only the new lightroom 4 beta shows the clipped data properly and can recover highlights.

This only occurs at iso 100, at iso 125, the raw files handle as expected. (EDIT: only Raw developer handles iso 125 correctly, Capture One (v6) has the same strange behavior at iso 125 that it has at iso 100: sudden stop of the histogram at 245, even though highlights are clipped)

Does this have anything to do with what was mentioned here: the real analogue sensitivity of iso 100 as well as iso 200 is actually iso 118, with different tone curves applied on conversion from raw.

And would that mean that iso 125 is really the most optimal iso setting for low noise ánd detail?

I have to say, that I'm reconsidering the iso setting with the E5.

Initially I was impressed with iso 200, regarding increased DR and less of the two dimensional contrast of the E3.

I find that I have to I now agree with posters like Raist or others that were critical of the recommended 200 iso setting, and shifting colors, but also because of the noise that take something of the enchantment away that the E5 cán have.

Colors and contrast suffer from the applied tone curve at iso 200, and I've started experimenting with other settings.

Iso 100 gives lowest noise, but there is this strange handling by my favorite raw converters.
I'm considering iso 125 as the best setting in plenty of light.

Contrast at iso 100 is much better than at iso 200, and colors are more accurate, less shifting it seems.

If you've left the path of "recommended" and have started experimenting yourself:what's your favorite setting? And does anyone know about the strange things occurring with the highlights at iso 100?


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