Anyone got turned-off by large size camera (7D/5D)?

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Yes, even 60D size is already too big for me.

Yes, even 60D size is already too big for me.
60D, 7D, 5D, they're all too big for me--- especially the 7D and 5D!
I chose the 550d because it's one of the smallest dSLRs with excellent IQ
for the size.

I also don't like big lenses and big external flashes and big battery grips. They scare my subjects (mostly people) away and make me feel like I'm an intrusive, obnoxious paparrazi.

I always wanted to have the 70-200 F/2.8 lens but its sheer size alone is enough to make me scream! The added bulk of a tripod and that humongous lens will make me stop enjoying my type of photography (people, vacation, social events) almost instantly.

I don't want to buy something I rarely carry with me because of size and weight. If I always make excuses not to bring a lens because of its size and weight, then for me, it is a wasted investment. Any lens, no matter how good, is not worth keeping if you always find excuses not to bring it because of size and weight and because you feel your other more compact but more inferior lenses will do. Same with a camera body, a battery grip, a tripod and external flash. If you always find justification not to carry them for most of your type of photography, then they are wasted investments.

If you have both small and big camera bodies and always find 'justification' not to bring with you the 'bigger body' because the 'smaller body' will do (despite compromises), then the bigger body is not worth keeping.

As they say, the best camera body and lens are the ones that are always with you. For me, that's my small 550d and my 3 'smallish' lenses optimized for crop sensor use only: Tamron 17-55 F/2.8 VC, Tamron 18-270 VC PZD and Sigma 30 F/1.4. (Bulky EF, Di or DG lenses [all designed for full frame] will be a waste of glass for me). But then again, I'm not a pro and I don't earn money from my photography. Things do change when you earn a living from your photography, in which case, you will have to live with the burden of bulkier lenses, bulkier bodies and lots of bulky accessories.


nofumble wrote:

Went to Bestbuy the other day to play with the 7D. It is one big and heavy piece of equipment. They don't have the 5DII but it is not any smaller and lighter. I will upgrade my camera within a year but sizewise will make me think twice.

7D/5DII ..hmm, too large and heavy for me.

I looked at the new Nikon, D7000 size is more sensible I think. 60D maybe OK but it is hardly better than my existing T2i.

Maybe I just go small, NEX/NX maybe.

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