GXR - NEX7 with CV 35mm f2.5 Test

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I compared the details of a M9 vs Nex7 image, made with the same lens (summicron 24 mm) in the same place. If you take the part of the image of the M9 that is captured by the smaller sensor of the Nex7, you will see that in the centre at least, the M9 is vastly outperformed by the Nex7...

(in fact because the M9 does not have enough pixels to resolve the imaging-power of this leica lens !)

The borders in the nex7 are a bit soft, but still extracting the same detail as the M9 did.

Of course, to frame the same picture the same way, the M9 should have been equipped with a 35 mm lens versus the 24 mm on the nex.

It is not to prove that the nex is better than the M9, which is not true, but just to demonstrate the possibilities of the nex7 and alikes.

The images are posted here:


slncezgsi wrote:

slncezgsi wrote:

I am bit surprised - while the NEX-7 deliver output as expected (downsampling to half the pixels takes all the Bayer smearing away and should result images sharp on pixel level). However the GXR is so soft that I would tend to believe in was miss-focused - but hard to imagine that with f/8 on infinity focus ...

Did you try some more images for comparison? I honestly do believe that something went wrong with GXR (please take no offense)

I have come back to this thread and just realized that I made a mistake - when viewing the posted samples I somehow swapped them in my mind (GXR for NEX7 and the other way round). Sorry ...

Now - I would say the GXR looks as expected and the NEX7 looks softer than I would expect - in particular after sampling the images down they should be on par with GXR (maybe not in corners, but surely in the center) ...

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