D800 vs. D700, file size and other shortcomings.

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Obviously some people need to take it easy.

If you don't like the thread, just don't read it. Or just politely write that it's already been talked through. No need to flame the OP.

But obviously, some people prefer to flame the poster rather than just ignore the thread. Very mature.

I thought this forum was a place to exchange thoughts and ideas about Nikon DSLRs. But it seems it's a place to get burned alive by angry people instead.

Just for the record, I didn't bash the D800 or anything like that. I didn't even say the D800 wasn't good. I like the D800! I just wish users had the possibility to choose between different RAW file sizes. And in the meanwhile, I was wondering if there was room for a D700S-like full frame or not.

But I understand it's probably not the first thread about this subject and that this can get annoying. In this case, just ignore the thread, or even better, direct me to an already existing thread about this topic with a nice link. Now that's a mature way to do things.

As one victim of cyber bullying once said, it's easy to bully people over the internet, since you don't have to look at them in the eyes. (Not that I've been actually bullied in this case, but the general attitude I feel in this thread is pretty much the same: downright negative and meant to humiliate the OP rather than tp just express ideas and opinions.)

Let's try to make this forum a more respectful one, shall we?

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