Moose chooses D800-E

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Re: Moose chooses D800-E


Thanks for the kind words. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I haven't revisited this thread for a while.

I did see that comment by Thom Hogan. I've given this a lot of thought, and I'm leaning towards the D800 over the D800E at this point. I'm sure both cameras are fantastic, but I tend to shoot a wide variety of subjects--and I don't want to be concerned about moire or other artifacts.

I remember that you didn't have the highest opinion of Moose. As I recall, you cancelled all those other workshops that you would have attended of his.


ebuddha wrote:

Hey Glenn - it's been a few months - your site keeps getting better with its expanding photo set!

I'm keeing my D3x for now and waiting to see user's feedback on the D800.

As far Moose's comments, you know (given we were both at his Michigan workshop) that I think he's the biggest idiot out there and that 100% of his comments are snake-oil b.s.

Thom Hogan, who I think is a straight-shooter had the following to say (on his site today) - which I think makes a lot more sense and is far more practical:

"My personal advice: unless you're primarily shooting something you know shouldn't be a big issue--basically landscapes--you shouldn't go this route. Shooting in and around cities and shooting people that aren't nude makes you susceptible to moire. Moreover, you're not likely to see it at capture time: you'd need to be constantly zooming the playback on the LCD to see it, and 36mp is a pretty big mess of pixels to try to examine closely on the 3.2" LCD. Simply put: removing moire is way harder than adding perceived acuity through sharpening. Way."

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