Are manual focus lenses a dying art

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Are manual focus lenses a dying art

One of my "next" attractions to the NX10 after it's very nice 30mm f2.0 lens was it's ability to accomodate manual lenses via an adapter.

One might think that Samsung accepts this on sufference as they really-truly want to sell lots of Samsung-made NX mount lenses.

Examples of this are the limited 2x screen magnification for manual focus assist and the as yet lack of focus peaking as a focus assist mechanism. Perhaps they have not yet got around to introducing something better?

Both of these functions seem to be a firmware upgrade only and might be retro-fitted. thereby turning the NX series into a powerhouse for manual focus and making a lot of existing NX owners happy that Samsung cares enough to make continuing upgrades to existing firmware.

One might think that Samsung with their vast resources and deep pits of money for new lens design might recfify this omission for those that are still really enjoying their NX series cameras whilst waiting for the new crop of bodies and a batch of eye-popping lenses. That is, unless the eye-popping lenses are the cash-cow that might prevent NX users from getting too tied up in their non-Samsung legacy manual lens "refits".

The other problem is that little body switch that insists on giving "no-lens attached" messages with certain adapters - they work, then they don't work, then you remount and they work, and work then don't work. Has to be a better way ... surely?

Never had this problem on adapters to the GXR-M mount module - they work and keep working permanently without flaw. Besides two modes of focus peaking assist and up to 8x screen magnification seems to give the tick to Ricoh as being really interested in allowing it's users to work with manual focus lenses of all descriptions. So I keep hoping for something better from Samsung and my horizon does not include stocking up big on new "automatic" lenses no matter how desirable. The NX20? Sure, just line me up.

Don't get me wrong I like the NX10 and the way it handles manual lenses - it is just that it seems that it is very low on the list of priorities of things to do better down at Samsung R&D.

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