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Re: A couple of points.....

Guy Parsons wrote:

Melbourne Park wrote:

Sorry, but I blame this site, for not allowing tables. Heck - for a technical issue, a table format would be so good.

When I need to show a table I do a screen grab of the relevant part of the spreadsheet or whatever and upload a gif or jpeg to Photobucket to use here or elsewhere.

...... because typically the credit card company or PayPal get several percent profit when converting from $US to $Au.

In Australia do yourself a favour and get a "28degrees MasterCard" at as they charge no foreign currency uplift, no annual fees, and always have very accurate and up to date exchange rates. I always pay off in full each month and before holidays often dump extra money in to get in credit to make cash extractions cheaper, if needed.

2 - OM-D E-M5 Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera with 12-50mm Lens ????

That's Oz$1,499 at and Oz$1,199 body only. Over-priced but may settle after early adopters are satisfied and supplies stabilise.

Regards........... Guy

Thanks Guy - absolutely great advise.

I am I think most peeved if that price happens, by the body price. Since the difference of $300 between the body and the lens is the same here as in the USA, that means they are stinging us on the body.

I expect too that they will sting us for the grip.

I am also a little peeved, because if the body is $1,200, I look at the Fuji X1-Pro (whatever its called) for $1,700, and its just $500 bucks more. And that makes me think quite a lot. Its a bit funny, but value is also an issue.

Still ... the OM-D seems pretty remarkable in every area but for its sensor, which is has more capabilities than I need.

I guess I will go and try and handle a Fuji ... I am cooling on the NEX-7, because it has some big issues IMO. IBIS, focus, the interface, and lenses that are a bit bulky.

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