Nex7 and M9 compared

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Re: Nex7 and M9 compared

Reg Ister wrote:

Well, i sold my M9. Not because it can not make extremely nice pictures, but because it needs lots of PP (raw conversion, corner repair for wide lenses) and has some flaw i really hate, so i sold it before it lost its value. Waiting for something better. And the waiting is nicely done with a nex7 or a ricoh. That's all.

It is not a matter of simply saving money (i could buy a leica S with lenses without blinking)

I will show some noctilux images here in a while.

Btw, you are right that the corner in the nex7 have less resolution .

Just wait for the "nex11" or so, with somewhat bigger sensor!

uhoh07 wrote:

well i look at m9 images and nex-7 images, and almost always prefer the m9. The thread just goes to show not everyone knows what to do with it.

I prefer the m8 too.

in the LL test the 7 really only got close stopped down--and that's just simple rez, does not take into account FOV and seed.

I have yet to hear of an m9 shooter selling it for the better imagae quality of the sony. To save mony? yes.

in fact I think M8s are the best dealing going right now at 2k or even less for a sharp 1.3x

I hear you. I would like very much to have M9 or M8, but I can live with a 5n and a bunch of nice lenses--untill we get our EVIL FF or M9 clone.

zm 18 + 5n

no PP for colorshift

I hear it does shift alot on the n7, though edges may be sharp.

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