Companion for X100?

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Olympus XZ-1 has the best image quality

The Olympus XZ-1 has the best image quality from the enthusiast compact cameras. Go to and compare the XZ-1 to any of the others. The XZ-1 has a wickedly sharp lens. To really appreciate how sharp the XZ-1 is, you should download the raws as the JPEG's are a bit heavy handed with noise redution.

The ISO performance of some of the other compacts may be a tad better, but in good light, the lens of the XZ-1 really shines.

With the XZ-1 you also have the option of adding the VF-2 which is the same quality as the EVF in the X100.

If you are looking for the most in "pocketability" then the S95 or S100 will be the better buy as those really are pocketable. The X100 can also be pocketed but the extra size really makes a difference when putting it into smaller pockets.

If you want a system, then the Pentax Q may be worth a look. It'll produce pictures that keep up with some of enthusiast cameras but is a step behind the best. It'll beat the picture quality if any of the other 1/2.3" sensors though.

The camera body is the size of a compact but with the lenses, it'll be thicker than the LX-5, XZ-1, and S95/100 so pocketable in a jeans pocket it is not. It will go into a coat pocket though. Oh and the lightness of the camera is great for portability.

Even with the extra size of lenses though, the overall impression the camera gives off is that it is just tiny.

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