Why I returned the Fuji X10

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Re: The problem is...

I ordered the X10 and the new Nikon P7100, I also have a Canon G12 , some DSLR and lenses and a Sony Hx100. I did it absolutely scared by all opinions regarding the white orbs.

I mananged to produce white , black orbs and black areas. That mainly using Velvia colors or P mode, changing some settings and the problem was gone, so it was easy to learn how to avoid the problem, someone made a joke about not using ISO 100 in daylight, I use it all the time and even at ISO 800 there's no noise so I could use it but there's no need. I did upgrade the firmware to 1.03 and I could'nt find any problems since then.

This camera is so superior to a G12 or the P7100 except in portability, it won't fit my pockets , the others will. Image quality can't be compared, it's really DSLR quality with skin pores and hair that looks fantastic. Bokeh is great, my G12 ( better than the new P7100) can't come close and so pictures are flat, I can't stand using it anymore.

The flash of the X10 and the TTL measuring are outstanding, perfect in any mode and situation, the X10 has the best panorama of all and that includes the excellent HX100.

Lens are superb and very bright, they alone are worth the money , excellent for low light situations, even with the great sensor and lens we can use a multi burst mode (Pro low light) that takes 4 pictures and blends then in a single one, handheld and pictures are perfect and noise free even at 1600 or 3200.

Macro mode is wonderfull and can be used even with other EXR modes like low noise high ISO. High ISO is outstanding.

No camera is perfect, but this one is much, much better than the top compacts and even some DSLRs with kit lens ( exception to speed). Even if the white orbs could not be solved I still would keep it for the many outstandig qualities.

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