Fast Lens change vs. lens care question

Started Feb 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
JimStrutz Contributing Member • Posts: 614
I do it

At weddings I will sometimes remove all caps and plop my lenses in a belt-pouch system to speed lens swaps. I will also have two bodies with lenses attached and carried on a double sling system. The extra lenses in pouches are for less used glass, like fisheyes and fast primes. It's a pretty fast system and allows me to swap lenses in times and places I would not have otherwise attempted. I know I have gotten quite a few good shots I would have otherwise missed.

I make sure the bottom of each pouch is lined with a clean soft material, and a cloth flap covers the top of each. After the event caps are reinstalled and everything goes into a more protected bag. So far I have had good success with this, but I only do it for the times it really makes a difference.

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