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Re: brick wall

I have had the exact same issue.

I have had 4 lenses from Amazon and all 4 have shown soft edges at varying degrees depending on f stop etc. I have now given up and use the Tamron 18-200 not any better but better range and no worse.


photogazer wrote:

Looks like your lens is on a par with the 4 copies of the kit lens I have tried. Wide-open typically shows bluriness along the edge/corners on one side. Different copies tend to have the bluriness at a different location. From my experience there is a lot of variations. Here's a summary for each one I tried:

Lens #1: slightly blurry along right edge at 18mm wide-open, similar to what you are seeing

Lens #2: super sharp at 55mm, complete lack of resolution along the right edge for 18mm and 24mm wide-open

Lens #3: Average sharpness across frame at 18 mm and 24 mm except for corners when wide-open. Not as sharp at 55mm as other copies at F8 however. In fact, there is a spot close to the center that is unsharp.

Lens #4: Blurry along right edge at 18mm and 24mm wide-open. Blurry at a couple of corners at 55mm. Good sharpness otherwise.

After 4 copies I got tired of shooting brick walls and returning lenses, gave up and just stick with the last one. It was too hard to find a perfect copy that some of the ppl on this forum managed to get.

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