Just bought D3000 kit - should I keep it?

Started Feb 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Just bought D3000 kit - should I keep it?

The D5000, refurb, is going for low $300s and is lightyears beyond the D3000.

HenryL wrote:

I don't think the D3000 was a bad camera, it's just that it didn't really break much ground over the D60 that it replaced. If you compare the D3100 over the D3000 or the D5100 over the D5000, the D3000 wasn't much of a jump over the D60 which was why it panned. At $280 for a refurb body, it's one of the cheapest Nikon bodies you can currently buy, even the D60 is more at $310.

GlennW wrote:

If you want to do video trade it in for a D5100. If you just want a everyday prime shooter the 3100 may be OK. For any of the 3 cameras you need AF-S lens.

The D3000 has been panned as one of the worst Nikons. It stands in as the last of the old D40 type sensors. Some may like the IQ in prints.

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