Has X10 + X100 problems damaged the X Pro ?

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Re: It's true

this is deceptive. from the context it is clear that it was suggested some people (enir, in this case) are being fooled by fuji all the time, for continuing to buy their products. don't change it into being fooled by the ftf reactions.

i have seen some people who wrote they only had 3 or so orbs in 2000 shots or so. i think that is possible, if they never take pictures in certain orb-prone conditions.

people mention a lot that there are people saying orbs don't exist. you make it sound as if this forum is full of them. honestly, i have not seen a lot of people saying that. i remember one in the past, and paul till the other day (only about the xs1, though).

other than that i have not seen any deniers. a lot of people like above, who didn't encounter a lot. mostly accompanied by the phrase "for their style of shooting" (something ratty chose to ignore when blaming these people for him purchasing the x10).

snake_b wrote:

Fooled? Well, I don't know, coming to a consumer site like DPR, in order to try and make the right choice, only to see people lie on this forum and others about performance?

Ask about orbs and a bunch of people will start bringing up lines about how they've only had 5 problem shots in 23742357340857349 pictures, but will carry on to say "orbs don't exist".

The x100 was a funny issue as well, but people came around there, in a big way.

knurl wrote:

GaryJP wrote:

You can fool some of the people, all of the time.

and some people will complain about everything, all of the time.

i know your gripes with the x10.

but what are your (and snake_b's) arguments to suggest x100 is also crap? and x-pro 1 as well?
how are those customers being "fooled" exactly?

guess you were just on auto-pilot.

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