Has X10 + X100 problems damaged the X Pro ?

Started Feb 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
snake_b Veteran Member • Posts: 4,680
Re: It's true

Fooled? Well, I don't know, coming to a consumer site like DPR, in order to try and make the right choice, only to see people lie on this forum and others about performance?

Ask about orbs and a bunch of people will start bringing up lines about how they've only had 5 problem shots in 23742357340857349 pictures, but will carry on to say "orbs don't exist".

...and apparently, some are actually pi$$ed off about that exact case.

The x100 was a funny issue as well, but people came around there, in a big way.

knurl wrote:

GaryJP wrote:

You can fool some of the people, all of the time.

and some people will complain about everything, all of the time.

i know your gripes with the x10.

but what are your (and snake_b's) arguments to suggest x100 is also crap? and x-pro 1 as well?
how are those customers being "fooled" exactly?

guess you were just on auto-pilot.

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