A journey through pixel count and noise.

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I am updating bodies behind the curve

So I still use my Nikon D1H. Now you say the D1X is good at high ISO. I did not know that. Maybe I'll break down and get one -finally! I heard the D1X has a too strong anti alaise filter and the images were kind off softer. I think you would have mentioned this if you ever saw it. So now I have a renewed for a D1X. I still think the D1H 2.6 mp is enough since I do not publish. So I have to ask myself why? Why get the D1X?

Tony I liked your post, so I hope you do not mind that I will go into my camera experiences a little (no images) just talk.

I use the Kodak SLR/n with older Nikon Ai lenses for it's FF sensor and to allow me to use my lenses at a focal length that I am familiar with and alway's use ISO 160 (base) and for me it's like shooting with a film camera because of that. I usually shoot at 6mp and use the Suny 16 rules (no metering with Ai lenses).

My Canon 300D was used this morning, but I have a heck of a lot of Canon DSLR's. MY 1DsMkII is probably my best camera...but I am happy shooting with any of them.

Lately I have been using the small m4/3 cameras such as my E-P1 and Panasonic G1. Probably because I have small fast Leica glass and I prefere manual focusing. I can put the E-P1 in one pocket and a lens or two in another pocket, in this way I can be "hands free" as I walk about and conduct my personal affairs. But I still have the ability to get a good photo as my E-P1 is acceptable to 1600 and 3200 or even 6400 in a hard spot. The G1 is not as good ISO wise but it has a lot of real photographic controls and it just seems like Panasonic did a lot for photographers to use these controls for getting a good image.

My years old Seiko/Epson R-D1 with a Nikon D100 (?) (Sony) sensor is good and crisp in low light to it's ISO 1600 limit.

I can say that I do not own a DSLR that I do not like, I like them all. Incluuding the R-D1 digital rangefinder and the digital m4/3 cameras. I can get nice photographs from all of them.
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