First off camera flash photo. Honest opinions please?

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Re: First off camera flash photo. Honest opinions please?

You need some modeling shadows on the face. You don't say how you place the flash, but here's something to try. Place the flash at a 45 degree angle to your subject and above the subject pointing down. On the opposite side place a reflector about 1-2 ft away out of the cameras field of vision. You can make a reflector by placing aluminum foil over a 3 ft card board. That will give you a better portrait. Ideally, an umbrella would be best. You can do wonders with one umbrella and a reflector. I'd download an example but putting photos on here is harder than finding hens teeth.

To soften the flash, put some tissue over it. Women look really nice with soft lighting.

And, if you can ever afford it, buy an umbrella, stand, one mono light and a hand held flash meter.

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