D4 vs D800 ISO 3200 video comparison

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Re: No difference just gullible people & the placebo effect.

5tve wrote:

There is no difference I have a expensive 26" NEC Multisynch LCD2690wuxi2 that's been calibrated, I've downloaded the video at the highest resolution.
I can see no difference at all.

Only a hand full of pro's shooting promotional material for Nikon have had access to these cameras. They have both been shot with the same camera & I very much doubt that camera was a D4 or D800.

This seems right to me.

Nikon themselves say the best video they provide comes from the D4 at 2.7 crop (which the D800 can't do). That mode means no downsampling at all - the sensor's output is mapped directly to the video output.

Any notion of relative 'sharpness' can only apply in modes where the output is being downscaled and the only mechanism for the D800 being sharper - which it isn't - is to suggest there's bi-cubic or similar reduction taking place.

There are two reasons this is unlikely.

1. The processing power required. Though the Expeed could likely do it the power drain would kill the battery.

2. Downsampling looks mushy unless it's followed by sharpening. That's even more work for the processor.

If Nikon want to make video look good without downsampling or sharpening they can use a sensor whose width is a multiple of 1920. Triple 1920 is 5760 and a full frame sensor with that pixel width would be 22 MP. That allows for pixels to be binned without loss.

That's what Canon are rumored to be bringing to the table. It'll mean the full width of the sensor can give low-noise output simply by using pixel binning as a each 3 pixels in width will map to one pixel in output.

The next MP count to provide for simple binning is 39MP, the D800 isn't quite there.

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