Sigma 30mm EX DN price at B&H $199 (no preorder yet)

Started Feb 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: specs

zygh wrote:

funny thing is, the lens designed for the dp2m (2.8/30) is not the same as the soon to be released 2.8/30dn lens. the dn lens has fewer elements, 6 instead of 7.
would sigma market an inferior 30 for nex and m4/3 to the dp2m lens?

I imagine that the lenses are still going to be quite similar. It's reasonable that the designs would need to be a bit different for the DP cameras, considering that, among other things, the DPs have their shutters built into the lens assemblies. Still, reading that does dampen my expectations a bit, though I'm still crossing my fingers.

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